Something not working as expected? Don't worry! the expected thing is for it not to work :p.

Checkout the following section to make sure you didn't miss a critical step, and if none of that applies to your case, then proceed to the Bug reporting.


Followed the instructions, but nothing happens

If you don't see your data being saved in the database, before reporting a bug please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you created a subscription for the entity type you are inserting? Is the subscription NGSIv2 and WITHOUT the "keyValues" option?. Review the Orion Subscriptions Docs.

  • Are you inserting/updating attributes listed in the "condition" of the subscription? I.e, will Orion trigger notifications for that insert/update?

  • Can you see such subscription if you query Orion subscriptions? When is its "last_success"?

  • Is the location of QuantumLeap expressed in the notify_url field of the subscription a resolvable url for the containerised Orion? Review the Usage Section for more details.

  • Are you running the different components behind firewalls? If so, did you open the corresponding ports? (See the Ports section.)

Cannot retrieve data

  • Are you using the correct FIWARE headers for the tenant? Refer to the Multi-tenancy part of the docs.

  • Is the endpoint you are using implemented? Note for now some of them are not. These are flagged in the API specification.

  • Have a look at the message in the returned body for hints of what could have gone wrong. You may be missing an important parameter in your request.

I got no errors but I cannot see data in my Dashboards

Make sure you have enough data points in your database and that your selection of time slice (on the top-right corner of grafana) is actually covering a time range in which you have data.

Bug reporting

Bugs should be reported in the form of issues in the github repository.

Please, look through the open issues before opening a duplicated one :)

Include as much context info as possible, also ideally the following things:

  • The inserted entity that may have caused the problem. E.g:

        'id': 'MyEntityId',
        'type': 'MyEntityType',
        'attr1': 'blabla',
  • The payload of the subscription(s) that you created. See this section of Orion documentation.

  • The logs of the QuantumLeap container.

    The logs can be retrieved with the docker logs command or docker service logs if you deployed QL as a service. In the first case, you can discover the container id with docker ps -a. In the second case, use docker service ls to find the service name.