Used Ports

The table below summarises the default ports for each of the services typically used with QuantumLeap. So, if you run them behind firewalls, remember to include the corresponding rules.

Protocol Port Description
TCP 1026 Orion CB
TCP 8668 QuantumLeap's API
TCP 3000 Grafana

Just FYI, the following ones should not be typically exposed to the outside but are used within the cluster.

Protocol Port Description
TCP 27017 Mongo database
TCP 4200 CrateDB Admin UI
TCP 4300 CrateDB Transport Protocol
TCP 5432 PostgreSQL Protocol
TCP 6379 Redis cache (used by geocoding)

For more info on ports numbers, you can always inspect the ports being exposed in the docker-compose-dev.yml file of this repo (actually the one you used to deploy, of course).